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About Us

Acclaim Artists was established in 2013 by Sara-Jane Khurana. In 2020 Sara joined forces with her brother Sonu Louis and his partner Emma Fisher who have many years experience in the industry both as actors and agent assistants. They now make up the trio of Talent Agents representing Acclaim Artists all over the globe.


Sara-Jane Khurana

I initially started Acclaim Artists because I knew so many great actors and actresses that were struggling to find direction in their career or even get a foot in the door and I believed so much in their talent, I was determined to change that! Since then I have worked hard to build a good working relationship with many top Casting Directors both in the UK and internationally and as a result, Acclaim Artists has grown far more than I could have ever anticipated, with several of my clients now enjoying successful careers in Film, Television and Theatre. We are a small boutique talent agency that represents only a handful of select artists I personally believe in and who I feel I can work together with to ultimately build and enjoy a long and successful career in the entertainment industry. Long may this success continue - to infinity... and beyond! 

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